Sasha: I always struggled with my weight, but it peaked during college when I was at a height of 5’6” and weight of 188lbs. Realizing the dangerous path I was on, I initiated change in my life and took the road less traveled by: weight loss the healthy way. Instead of following fad diets and quick fixes, I focused on improving my health by putting into practice everything I knew about health, nutrition, and fitness — most of which I learned from my brilliant younger sister, Anneris.

By eating better quality food and exercising regularly, I lost 30lbs and 6% body fat within three months. Today, I am an advocate for sustainable weight loss, holistic wellness, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. I strive to educate and inspire others by using my experiences to show that nothing is impossible.

Anneris (Guest): My interest and dedication to healthy living began when I was watching my favorite talk show, Oprah. A man named Dr. Oz was talking about unhealthy food and the negative effect they have on the body. That show had a huge impact on me and, from that day forward, I changed the foods I ate and focused on becoming a healthier person. I made this decision because I wanted to become stronger and healthier in order to live my life best.

After learning more about nutrition, I began teaching my family and friends everything I learned hoping it would have the same impact on them as it had on me. Years later, I am proud to say that I have helped my family become healthier and smarter about the type of food they eat. I want to continue educating people about nutrition and shifting their focus away from losing weight and towards adapting a healthier lifestyle.

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