More Than Just a Food Blog

I had a difficult time deciding whether to relaunch this blog or start something brand new; something that incorporates more of who I am: an artist, a social entrepreneur, an advocate for women, a compulsive [insert anything that needs planning] planner – you get the picture. Coincidentally, during a recent OCD organizing fit, I came across all my old emails from the era when I was better known as “Ms. Healthy Weight Loss.” That’s when I realized this was more than just a food blog…

Before starting this blog, I lost 45lbs by eating better quality food and exercising regularly. Having grown tired of giving my long-winded speech when friends, family, and complete strangers asked me how I did it, I wrote it all down (with the help of my brilliant younger sister) and sent it around. It contained basic health guidelines, healthy living tips, and sample meals I loved. This soon grew into an e-mail list, which served as an online support network and resource for those interested in living healthier lives.

Eventually Fit Foods For Thought came about because, even through all of those channels, I still had way too much to say about food! It was a huge undertaking: writing weekly blog posts, keeping up with food news, tweeting, being everyone’s “it girl” for healthy living, and basically trying to save the world one conventionally grown apple at a time. Nonetheless, it was rewarding – in and of itself – to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with an audience I built during my weight loss transformation and with everyone out there in cyber land who evidently wanted to hear what I had to say (yes, that’s you!).

I am back here today, nearly three years later, still filled with so much gratitude but more importantly insight on what really matters in my life: food matters. I am happy to relaunch my blog and I am excited for what’s in store for all of us in this journey. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve this time around but for now I’ll leave you with these inspiring words taken from an old blog post…

I do what I do because I want to help people. I want everyone to have the opportunity to make the best choices in order to live their best lives. It is truly reassuring to know that my words do touch people and that I do motivate people because it makes me feel one step closer to impacting the world at large.



One thought on “More Than Just a Food Blog

  1. Hi, I hope I have the right email address and right person. According to your Blog, you are Sasha.

    I appreciate your comments on my post last Friday. It is motivating when someone takes the time to make a positive comment.

    The Blog I work for covers many topics, mostly related to the business world. Fortunately they put very few restraints on what I write about. Health issues of all kinds are just one of the topics I cover.

    While not exactly a food topic, I have a post coming out tomorrow that makes me laugh. When a writer laughs at his own work, well at least I hope others will share in my amusement. The title of tomorrow’s post is foodie enough: “TGIF: I Lost My Fork”.

    I will be writing another food related post in about 3 weeks. I will give your Blog a sentence or two and a link in case any of our readers would be interested in your website.

    I can also send you more information on our health topics if you are interested and write back. I still need to make sure you are the person who commented on my post.

    Wishing you many healthy meals, Bill Bradley

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