Tip Tuesday: Stick to a Schedule

The real “magic” of sustainable weight management is eating every 3-4 hours (give or take 30 minutes), 5-6 times per day. This set schedule in conjunction with eating smaller portions enables your body to process food quickly and appropriately, which in turn helps you naturally lose weight. There is a technical explanation behind this but I will spare you the boring details!

If you are lucky enough to have a flexible work/school schedule, plan your day around your mealtimes (not the other way around) so that you can ensure proper nutrition daily. If your schedule is a bit more stringent, try your best to fit in all of your meals even if it means you must have a working lunch. Eating while you work is not usually recommended because it may cause you to eat too much or not eat enough and may aggravate your digestive process (i.e., indigestion). However, if this is your only option, it is better to eat than not eat at all.

Your eating schedule is very personal to you. It should start as soon as you wake up (give or take 30 minutes) and end two hours before you go to sleep. Food is energy. You need energy to do even the simplest of tasks like getting ready in the morning and commuting to work. Similarly, you need energy at the end of your day to do whatever it is that is keeping you up. As long as you stick to your schedule, allow two hours before bedtime for your body to digest food properly, and get adequate amount of sleep (ideally 7-8 hours) you can eat as late as you need to.

I have provided eating schedules  below for four different scenarios. Keep in mind these are guidelines that may need to be adjusted to reflect your personal schedule.

  • Early to Rise, Early to Bed.
    6:00AM – Breakfast
    9:00AM – Snack
    12:00PM – Lunch
    3:00PM – Snack
    6:00PM – Dinner
  • Early to Rise, Late to Bed.
    6:00AM – Breakfast
    9:00AM – Snack
    12:00PM – Lunch
    3:00PM – Snack
    6:00PM – Dinner
    9:00PM – Snack
  • Late to Rise, Early to Bed.
    10:00AM – Breakfast
    1:00PM – Lunch
    4:00PM – Snack
    7:00PM – Dinner
  • Late to Rise, Late to Bed.
    10:00AM – Breakfast
    1:00PM – Snack
    4:00PM – Lunch
    7:00PM – Snack
    10:00PM – Dinner

The key is making sure your work/life schedule fits into your eating schedule and vice versa. When you achieve this, it will be easy for you to follow and adapt your eating schedule as your life changes. Ergo, sustainable weight management!



One thought on “Tip Tuesday: Stick to a Schedule

  1. I am def following this schedule. You rock Sasha, keep on coming with the info. I wanted to share with you that I am taking these awesome vitamins. Its a Rainbow Light Women’s One™ Multivitamin and the other is NSI Certified Organic Spirulina Natural Whole Food Algae. They both rock my socks!

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