Tip Tuesday: Make It Yourself

In the age of instant gratification and industrialized food systems, we have truly lost the value in cooking and preparing our own meals. True, eating out is inevitable but have we really come so far from the natural world to not recognize the correlation between fast food (of even the healthiest kind) and weight gain, illness, or disease?

Whether your goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should limit the amount of times you eat out or order food. The purpose of this is not to torture or restrict you but rather to allow you to have a better grasp and control over the exact ingredients, portions, calories, and quality of the food you put into your body.

There are several benefits associated with preparing your own meals. For the purpose of keeping this post short, simple, and sweet I have only outlined three.

  • Personal. You will simply feel better. Eating good quality meals that you prepare yourself will give you natural energy and will make you look and feel younger!
  • Health. Food directly affects your health. When you make things yourself you have all the power – that is, if you have taken the time to read Nutrition Facts labels and have brought only the best quality food into your kitchen. Making good food choices reduces health risks and promotes proper bodily function.
  • Economical. If you tend to eat out often, a month’s worth of healthy groceries will be less expensive, especially because you are now able to stretch food out for a longer period of time since you are eating smaller portions.

So next time you find yourself reaching over for the takeout menu, think twice for a better quality life!



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