RUN, Don’t Walk

Last night I went running around my neighborhood for the first time. I do realize that to the average person this does not sound very special or interesting. However, coming from someone who has always hated running, it is quite an accomplishment!

People often ask me to tell them the “secrets” to weight loss and expect me to respond with an extensive workout routine consisting mostly of running. I can only laugh because my weight loss journey cannot be credited at all to running! In fact, the few times I attempted to run during my journey I felt as though I would keel over and die. I did not become remotely open to running until after I lost weight and became more physically fit but even then I would run on the treadmill for no more than 3 minutes while holding on for dear life.

About two months ago I felt ambitious enough on the treadmill to run for 3 minutes but this time without holding on. It felt good but I never tried it again. For the past few days, however, I found myself having that same ambitious urge to run so I finally decided to test the waters in the comfort of my own neighborhood.

It was my first running experience in nature and – more importantly – lasting longer than 3 minutes. I ran a few laps around the block for almost half an hour. Though I took a few breaks I felt great and was really proud of myself in the end. Having had such a positive experience, I plan on incorporating running into my routine more regularly. To think I used to hate running; really, who would have thought?



One thought on “RUN, Don’t Walk

  1. I hate running on the treadmill — HATE! To this day, if I’m on the treadmill, I’m power-walking at the biggest incline so I still get a good workout, but I can’t run on it. 1) I’m scared I’ll fall off and 2) it bores me to tears to think I’m running but not getting anywhere. However, I love running outside. It’s one of my favorite things to do, especially when I want to clear my head. I turn up the music and just go.

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